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Being introduced to your unique Human Design is terrific.  Being able to fully integrate your blueprint and truly live your life by design is when all the magic happens! 


We'll dive deep over 8 sessions allowing you the opportunity to use the tools daily and practice them in real time so they become a part of who you are.  When you embody your human design you take control of your destiny!


You will feel more energized and alive, more focused and pro-active, more relaxed and in control.  You'll start to live your life on your own terms as you let go of the expectations of others.  You’ll feel a sense of empowerment as you begin to realize more of your desires.


You will be propelled into new heights of confidence and self-assurance as you gracefully step into the driver's seat of your vehicle. 


Take advantage of my almost 20 years of experience using the Human Design system!  This is a customized one-on-one package tailored specifically for you!


True transformation is possible when you live your life by design!

Live by Design - From Unsure to Unstoppable

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