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one-on-one 3 month mentorship program

Do you feel like there’s more inside of you and are looking for a way to access it?

Do you know you have more to offer and a bigger life to life, but don’t know how to do this?

Do you want to make a larger impact in this world but don’t know where to start?


You might be feeling frustrated and as though you’ve tried everything and don’t know why your life isn’t working out the way you always wanted it to?  You may be feeling stagnant or stuck in a rut, like some of my clients were before they found me.  They were trapped in fear cycles they didn't know how to get out of.   When they started their self-discovery journey, they were able to get out of their own way. 

Do any of these sound like you?  If so, it's time to stop blaming your circumstances and others for your results and start taking responsibility for your life.  I bet you've heard this before!  You may already know you want to make a change but no-one ever gave you the toolbox of how to make the lasting changes that you need.  If you're sick and tired of the way you feel and are ready for something different, then you're in the right place.   

"If you want things in your life to change,

you're going to have to change things in your life."

I’ve been where you are and I’ve learned how to get myself out of there.  It wasn’t easy although it was simple.  Piece by piece I began to put together the puzzle of who I really am and why I’m here and now I live my life full of confidence, purpose, alignment and joy. 

I can help guide you to your greatness too.

I have a deep knowing that I’m a powerful human being who can create the life I desire and I have the tools to do it.  This is my birthright and I feel as though I was robbed of it for the majority of my life.  You see, I was never taught this as a child - nobody was.  Society, parents, peers – as well meaning as they are – come with their own set of rules, programs and beliefs.

The truth is


But I didn’t always know this, and when it was told to me I had absolutely no idea where to find it or how to access it.  There was a time when I didn’t see or feel any greatness in me at all.  In fact, it was quite the opposite. 

BEFORE...I remember a time when I used to be scared of everyone and everything.   When I heard people laughing, I thought they were laughing at me.  I was socially awkward, always afraid and uncomfortable in my own body.  I was that girl who didn’t go out, or if I did, I was secretly dying inside, worrying that I would say and do the wrong thing.  I was easily overwhelmed and over stimulated and most of the time I just wanted to hide, even though a part of me so badly wanted to fit in and belong with others.

Those times when I was one of the last kids chosen to play on the sports teams – when my parents constantly told me that I would fall and hurt myself – when the older boys used to make fun of me and tease me on the school bus – when I had no one to play with at recess time and found myself all alone - when my so called best friend tricked me by telling me that the boy I liked was interested in me too and convinced me to call him only to be completely humiliated when I did.  

These, and many more experiences that I’ve been through, confirmed the false beliefs I had that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worthy, that there was something really wrong with me.  I used to hate my body.  I wanted a flatter stomach, thicker hair, bigger lips, a nose job and curves.  I was rarely happy even though on the outside it may have looked like I had a great childhood.  I felt alone, worthless, unpopular and unloved. 

Looking back now I can see this was a clear indication to me that I was out of alignment with my true self.  I was numbing out to my own feelings and moving through the world pleasing others to gain their acceptance and approval.  The truth is I was living with a veil over my eyes.  I had been programmed to believe and respond to life this way.  My body was telling me this by the way I was feeling.  My life reflected this in every interaction I was having.

Yet still, throughout all of this, deep down inside


THEN...I always had a feeling that I was meant for more, that I was going to make a big impact in the world.  I realized that in order to do that I had to take care of ALL areas of my wellbeing.  I’ve dedicated the last twenty years to studying, healing, learning about myself, improving, growing and expanding in so many ways that I’m a completely different person now, unrecognizable from the me I used to be.  

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses, books, membership fees to success clubs, workshops and more.  I hired mentors, coaches and worked with guides to get to where I am now.  Each was a valuable piece of the journey that brought me back to remembering who I really am.   All I really had to do was tap into the dormant power that was asleep within me all along. 


And who I am NOW... is a powerful creatrix, who manifests miracles like nobody’s business. I confidently speak in public and am comfortable in my own skin.  I trust myself and my abilities to live, love and work with purpose.  I know my worth and I joyfully add value to society.  I go through life with ease and grace, fully embracing my gifts.

The growth never ends.  Even though I'm the best version of me that I've ever been, I'm just scratching the surface of what's attainable for me.  And this is possible for you too!

It’s with great honour that I offer to help guide you to your inner light.

Some of the benefits of working with me include:

"Offered such clarity into my inner self and how I relate to

my environment and relationships."


  • Having more energy – feel less lethargic 

  • Improved state of health

  • Look and feel better – be comfortable in your own skin

  • Have a healthy menstrual cycle and balanced hormones

  • Energetically land back into your body – embody your being fully

  • Self acceptance – a healthy body image - learn to truly love yourself deeply
  • Giving yourself permission to say no to things that drain you and Yes to your self care

"Its helped me to really find love for myself."


  • Facing your emotions and moving through them – no more numbing out, avoidance, denial, stuffing them down, heaviness

  • More inner peace, more joy

  • Better relationships and intimacy

  • More control of your emotions – responding intelligently vs reacting emotionally

  • Learn more about what you want and how you can get it – ask for your needs to be met

  • Inner calmness and peace – getting triggered less by others

  • Better communication with others – willingness to speak up for yourself

  • Making and maintaining healthy boundaries

"I now have much greater clarity on what helps me get into, stay in,

and what knock me out of my flow." 


  • Free yourself from fears and false beliefs that are holding you back

  • Learn to create new healthy habits that stick

  • Work smarter, with more joy, peace, ease and meaning

  • Take full responsibility for your life and your results

  • Get out of victimhood once and for all

  • Putting yourself first – self validation

  • Be more effective in what you do – manage your priorities and time better

  • Understand your creativity and power as a human being

"It gave me such a deep perspective of why I do things the way I do and most importantly what I can do more or less of to make the most of my potentials."



  • Create and live your life by design, not by default

  • Embrace the feeling that you were meant for more and make it happen

  • Step into your purpose – live your life deliberately

  • Take control of your life – take your power back and get in the driver’s seat

  • Stand up for what matters most to you – no one will fight for your dreams like you will

  • Develop a deep knowing that you are magnificent and great

  • Live a life you desire and love


"For years I have been on a mission to better understand myself and my journey. 

I highly recommend Anna if you are looking for those life answers that go far deeper than anything you've had before."

Mine is a holistic approach.  I will help you to uncover and remove what’s in the way of you living the life you really want to and know you deserve.  When working with me, we strip away the layers of conditioning to discover your true self at the core – the person you were born to be.  We address the entire individual so that you can prosper in more ways than you ever imagined possible. 


I specialize in transformation, not just motivation or inspiration.  You’ll learn tools to help you emerge from your cocoon a beautiful butterfly, with lasting results that will reshape your current reality, both inner and outer.  We use the not-so-common knowledge of human conditioning to reframe your paradigms.  It's time to let go of the pain, misery and shame and finally just be happy.  To live the life that is meant for you.

Are you ready to wake up every day feeling energized and excited for the life you’re creating?

Are you ready to live an empowered life and reach your highest potential?

Are you ready to feel more fulfilled in life, to be confident in your purpose and live it each and every day?


Are you ready to step into your greatness?


Are you ready to remember who you truly are, and to rediscover your true self?


Are you ready to re-ignite the light within you that’s waiting to shine bright for all to see?

Are you ready to transform into the best version of you so you can live your most magnificent life?

If you're ready to SAY YES and invest in yourself















What's included?

12 sessions with me

60 minutes once a week for 3 months

one advanced Human Design reading

individual customized consultation

bonus handouts and videos

3 monthly payments of $999

save 10% when you pay in full

only $2699

If any of this resonates with you and you still have more questions, I’d be happy to get on a brief call with you to see if this is the right fit for both of us. 

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