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This session looks at 2 or more life charts together and discusses the areas of harmony, challenge, compromise and compliment. Perfect for couples, parent and child, friends, & colleagues.


Learning your unique design is the beginning of a great journey. Understanding the designs of people in your life offers a huge benefit and advantage. Human Design can teach you how you and others energetically engage with the world, how you interact in your personal and interpersonal relationships, how you show up to others, and so much more. It can unlock your potential to live in harmony with the frequencies that are resonating within and around you. When you start living according to your design, a new and heightened level of communication and interaction develops in all of your relationships, be they familial, business or personal.

Human Design Relationship Reading

  • "Resonated with me deeply and offered such clarity into my inner self and how I relate to my environment and relationships."

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