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This 2-3 hour long reading includes everything in the basic reading plus a detailed look at all defined channels and gates (including line numbers) within your unique life chart.


There are several layers of depth conveyed in a person’s life chart. A practitioner of Human Design can offer a professional reading that gives an individual new insights about themselves for years to come. When you start living according to your design, a new and heightened level of communication and interaction develops in all of your relationships, be they familial, business or personal. Be ready for a personal life transformation, whether a subtle shift in perception or a quantum leap in consciousness, as you learn to amplify your strengths, erode your weaknesses and to appreciate and love every part of yourself that is essential for living a life of lasting fulfillment.

Advanced Human Design Reading

  • "I highly recommend Anna if you are looking for those life answers that go far deeper than anything you've had before."

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