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Anna is a holistic lifestyle guide and human design consultant helping people reach their full potential through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness by empowering them to live their life by design, not by default.

Anna was introduced to Human Design in 2005. She has since studied extensively through books and with Chetan Parkyn, who worked closely with the founder of HD, and was the very first teacher of this revolutionary system. She received her designation in 2012 and became the first Human Design consultant in all of the Greater Toronto Area. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of Human Design sets her apart, as does her love of holistic living.


How I Can

Help You

"I would highly, highly recommend the experience not only for that amazing juiciness of being able to hear someone so properly articulate you and to have that confirmation and thus confidence in yourself but also for the wisdom it can teach you on how to move forward and how to make decisions and literally how to act in basically any circumstance you find yourself in." 
"that’s why I absolutely love Human Design.  It’s not about changing you, it’s about teaching you how to learn to absolutely love every little aspect of yourself and realize that there’s nothing to improve, there’s no way that you are wrong."
"for anyone questioning "Is this for me?" or "Is this the right time?” I really don’t think that there is any reason you shouldn’t go for it.  It will most definitely pay off, if not the actual second that you hear the information, then years down the road."
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